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I really should keep a master list of suggested guests. Alas, no such list exists. If it did, Ken's name would be on it. Thank you for pointing me in Ken's direction. Beginning with Dawn of the Dead, the zombie genre was satirizing the whole consumer culture. These zombies were seen as sluggish, slow, and quite stupid.

Recent zombie depictions are not like this at all. With movies like 28 Days later, and video games, zombies are much faster. And more brutal.

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A few of them are outright cranks and, you know, I try to minimize those relationships. But he — you know, he was coherent enough and he was interesting enough because he told me so much about his town and his situation. He actually talked to me as much about his home situation and his falling-apart house and his taking care of his elderly mother. You know, there are small towns all over America that are much more civilized than the place that he lived in.

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I understood that he was suffering. I just understood that he was an unhappy person of—with some talent and some brains who lived a distance from me in a terrible place. You know, I got a lot to do so you know sometimes I have to tell them that I just got to go you know I got things I got to do so. But I was interested in the guy. I sympathized with him. And he did talk a lot about thinking about killing himself. So I attempted to kind of minimize that. I know I suggested to him that it might not be a good idea and that there might be reasons for him to keep on living.

What —. But a lot of it has to do with the chemicals that he was keeping around. And I think what Brian ascertained, or at least what he tried to put out as a kind of a hypothesis, was that John McLemore had been using these gold plating chemicals, including a lot of mercury, for many years and that he might have been suffering from mercury poisoning, which you know would make a person somewhat psychotic and delusional. And obviously they led to a pretty bad one with him: he killed himself.

Because back in the 19th century the people who made hats in Britain especially used all kinds of heavy metals and Mercury in particular to process the furs that were felted and then turned into certain shapes. DUNCAN CRARY: And kind of so-called Doomer culture of studying about peak oil and scary things — climate change and economic collapse, and then a lot of people go online and then they share their thoughts with each other.

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And it can get really scary and depressing. First of all they were ideas that had been rattling around my head for decades before I wrote The Long Emergency. There are all kinds of intimations of it in The Geography of Nowhere which was published in Jim, you make this reference in that show to, like, the way New York City used to feel when you were a kid after a rain. Yeah the fact that how delightful, wonderful, and clarifying it felt when everything just sort of stopped.

You know, by everything from the phone ringing to the idiocies of robot business transactions. I was looking for —. And I was looking for comments on your blog. This is not John B. McLemore by the way, I can verify that.

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This is a review of your podcast in the iTunes store. It was posted on Dec. Not bad. All right:. And his guests just add fuel to the flames of hopelessness. The one I just heard with John Greer made me want to put a bullet in my head! Thanks for the bleak and meaningless future of existence, guys! I believe I have my cyanide capsules ready. Is there a reasonable alternative? A Robert E.

Thanks for cheering me up! Looking forward to the next podcast! I mean, so now, the person has a sense of humor. And that, you know, a lot of the point of those novels was to depict the aftermath of an economic collapse in a way that would make people feel OK and hopeful about whatever reset we moved into. You know, it occupied a considerable part of my lifetime.

And I recommend they read them.

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  • There are a lot of compensations for living in a world without commuting and a world without — where you have nothing but canned entertainment to fill your idle hours. I gotta talk to you about the tattoos again in this. So you have this whole famous take on tattoos. McLemore, absorbed that into his worldview. BRIAN REED: So as shocking as it was to me when John lifted up his shirt to show me all his tattoos, it was far more shocking to Bubba when John strolled in one day at the age of 47 and asked him to start putting them there.

    Kunstler & Heinberg: A Podcast Transcript

    Why in the fuck would you just start tattooing your whole upper body like that, you know what I mean? And around your neck — pistons. Tattooing pistons on him, you know? Redneck-ass tattoos, you know? One of them in particular who was kind of a lost soul young man who he apparently wanted to save or rescue. Which of course is very ironic because John B. McLemore himself was very much in need of being rescued.

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    But anyway one of the things that he apparently did was that he hung out in the tattoo shop with these guys and got himself tattooed. He was a kind of a pathetic character in a pathetic economy in a pathetic region of the country. So, he might have had gold buried all over his land from his watch —.